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to the Maerchenwald in Wolfratshausen

Zwerg und Hase in einem Flieger


The amusement park Maerchenwald has its location in the heart of upper Bavaria just 20 minutes away from Munich. Our daily opening hours during the hot summer months offer you a lot of outdoor fun and relaxation in a natural and creative fairy tale world.
With sunny and shady places the amusement park Maerchenwald is the ideal destination for your next family trip.
Even in moderate weather, the amusement park has covered playgrounds and adventure opportunities and guarantees fun for young and old. Only in the case of heavy rain, the park is unfortunately closed. If you’re planning a multi-day trip here are some free time suggestions for you and your family.

Dwarf and rabbit in a car


You can arrive easily from Munich by public transport or by car. If you like to have more action and want to see the nature around Munich, you can also rent a bike and ride through the beautiful foothills of the Alps.


Parking areas are close to the Maerchenwald at Isar-Loisachstadion in the Kraeuterstrasse.

Animated landscape