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Maerchenwald Colouring Book

Bring color to fairyland

Drawing is fun and it supports creativity. Use your imagination and colour your favourite figure from the amusement park Maerchenwald in. f you collect your drawings you can make your personal colouring book out of it.

Here is a huge selection of fairy tale motives. They can be downloaded as a PDF-Document, printed and then you can start directly with colour them in. Take your pens and let’s go!

The Maerchenwald in Wolfratshausen offers new templates regularly to download. Soon your coloring book will grow with the most beautiful fairy tale figures.

Roter Buntstift
Zwerg und Hase mit bunten Ohren

Up to the moon and back to earth! Draw yourself as an astronaut!


The Frog King is still pale! Give him his majestic colors back!

Schönes Wetter-Vorlage

If the weather is good the adventure in the amusement park is more fun!


Have you ever been riding on a wild boar? Imagine it!


Do you like to be one of the seven dwarfs? How would you look like as a dwarf?

Animierte Landschaft